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Mercedes Unveils Its New Maybach EQS SUV

Mercedes-Benz unveiled its new ultra-luxury electric vehicle (EV), the Maybach EQS SUV, on April 17 in Shanghai, China. The goal of the launch was to impress potential buyers in the Chinese market, one of the biggest fans of Mercedes’ luxury line. The new Maybach is impressive all around, with incredible range and performance. 

Mercedes-Maybach says the EQS can travel up to 373 miles on a single charge, or 600 kilometers (a provisional figure).Under the hood, the engine can produce 649 horsepower, giving the SUV an acceleration rate of 0-to-60 in 4.1 seconds. Top speed was recorded at 130 mph, and all-wheel drive comes standard for each model. The battery charges quickly, recharging up to 200 kW. With a direct current, that can take the battery from 10 to 80% full in 31 minutes.

While the Environmental Protection Agency hasn’t released any official figures yet; however, “Car and Driver” speculated the Maybach EQS would get around 79 MPGe for city driving and 74 MPGe on the highway.

Photo Courtesy Mercedes-Benz

Of course, a car like this is not cheap. Early estimates suggest it will cost around $200,000 for the base model. Limited editions may cost as much as $300,000

Not many car enthusiasts are surprised, though. Maybachs are a staple of luxury driving. There’s a reason why rappers like Rick Ross reference them in music. His record label is even called Maybach Music Group. 

“Our customers can look forward to an absolutely top-class electric driving experience — with the aura of the extraordinary that is typical of Maybach,” said Daniel Lescow, head of Mercedes-Maybach, Mercedes-Benz Group AG.

Just step into the interior of the new Maybach, and you will understand. The back seat center console can be customized to include features like two folding tables, a cooling compartment, and silver-plated champagne goblets. Nothing screams luxury like riding in a spacious back seat with a bottle of bubbly. 

The interior leather is tanned using coffee bean shells instead of chemicals. Mercedes says the water used in tanning is recycled in a closed circuit system, flowing back to natural bodies of water post-production.

The leather isn’t preserved with salt, saving around 99 pounds per vehicle. Byproducts from tanning are made into items like compostable flowerpots, insulating foams, or decking boards. The company even pays coffee farmers for the bean shells

Mercedes also ensures that its leather supply chain includes cruelty-free raised cattle and is free from areas with illegal deforestation. Secondary steel and recycled aluminum are also used for car components. If you’re looking for even more luxury, the “First-Class Rear” package adds features like thermal cup holders and wood trim on the rear storage compartment.

Photo Courtesy Mercedes-Benz 

The exterior’s front sports a faux grille with chrome-plated strips to give it that classic look. Since there’s no engine, there’s no need for a real one. The chrome trim is around all the windows. Maybach logos are all over the vehicle, and LED headlights add to the elegance of this SUV. 

Mercedes is coming off a year where EVs dominated its 2022 sales. The automaker reported that more than 117,800 EV units were sold globally last year. That’s part of 540,800 Q4 sales83,800 of which were considered “Top-End” vehicles. In total, Mercedes sold a little more than 2 million passenger carsAsia, Europe, and North America are the three best regions for sales, especially for Top-End vehicles.  

“Mercedes-Maybach customers expect the extraordinary, and we aim to exceed their high expectations. The Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV unites our ambition to lead in digital and electric with our focus on the luxury segment,” said Ola Källenius, chairman of the board of management Mercedes-Benz Group AG. “The very first all-electric vehicle from Mercedes-Maybach complements the best technologies from Mercedes-Benz with the extra comfort and individual details that are only available from Mercedes-Maybach.”


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