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Maserati GranTurismo: Italian Luxury Continues EV Transition

Luxury car brands worldwide have committed to electrification as the automotive market shifts away from fossil fuels. While every auto group is making this transition at its own pace, Italian luxury vehicles have joined the party slowly behind their European counterparts. With Maserati announcing plans for an electric GranTurismo coupe next year, there are signs that Italian carmakers are moving toward a full-scale electric effort. 

In October, Maserati’s parent company Stellantis confirmed that the iconic GranTurismo would be the first model available with an electric motor, known as the “Folgore” version. It’s part of the auto giant’s greater electric vehicle (EV) plan as it moves to offer fully electric cars by 2025

This announcement rode the coattails of the official statement for the latest internal-combustion engine GranTurismo synonymous with Italian luxury driving. However, with companies like Ferrari transitioning to emission-free vehicles, the writing is on the wall that Maserati would have to follow suit or be left in limbo. 

The electric version will not be short on performance and power. The automaker expressed its excitement about using powertrain technology from its Formula E racing team. Interestingly, this statement coincides with the team’s inaugural season on the EV circuit in 2023. 

Reportedly, the engine will generate 760 horsepower to the wheels, making it the most powerful Maserati coupe ever. An 800-volt battery will be attached to the backbone-style chassis in a “T-bone” shape. Stellantis will be able to produce these cars quickly and efficiently. Paired with the power of the battery and engine, you’re sure to get a powerful yet clean driving experience.

Photo Courtesy Maserati

Even with such strong performance, Maserati went the distance to make this car as light and fast as possible. The body is made from aluminum and magnesium to increase the aerodynamic performance, meaning you can thunder up hillside roads and make the switchback turn without sacrificing speed. 

This EV will also be one of Maserati’s most technologically advanced vehicles. A new Atlantis High electronic system is being installed to make tech, like GPS, quicker and more reliable. The system can send up to 2,000 messages a second to company headquarters about issues. It can send over-the-air updates and includes a level-5 cybersecurity system to ensure the hardware isn’t tampered with by hackers. The car will also collect performance data and ensure safety standards are up to par.

The GranTurismo’s interior will be just as impressive as the exterior’s aesthetic appeal. The latest infotainment system will be included in the dashboard, surrounding passengers with a 19-speaker custom craft sound system. Courtesy of Sonus Faber, these speakers offer drivers a 3D sound experience allowing them to cruise scenic highways with a personal concert.

Photo Courtesy Maserati

Like any Italian luxury vehicle, the GranTurismo will cost a pretty penny, with an estimated MSRP of $195,000. However, it’s still less expensive than Ferrari’s plug-in hybrid models and some of Porsche’s upcoming EVs. The automaker has promised electric versions of all its lineup by 2025 as Maserati and Stellantis move closer to going fully electric by 2030


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