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Lyten Plans US, Europe Gigafactories to Spread ‘Cleaner’ Battery

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A US-based lithium-sulfur battery maker plans to set up a gigafactory in both the US and Europe over the coming four or five years as part of a quest to spread a technology it claims is lighter and greener than traditional alternatives. 

Based in San Jose, California, Lyten Inc. has raised funding in the US to commercialize lithium-sulfur batteries that have a higher energy density than batteries in current use. 

The batteries, based on technology dubbed 3D Graphene, meet or exceed batteries in current use in all key performance metrics including lifespan and are easier to recycle, Chairman and Co-Founder Lars Herlitz said in an interview last week on the sidelines of a conference in Budapest, Hungary.

The company aims to produce its first commercial battery cells by year-end and deliver them in early 2024. 

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The company, whose partners include automotive giant Stellantis NV, is setting up a European headquarters in Luxembourg, and is in “advanced” research and development talks there, Herlitz said.

Herlitz said the gigafactories would be configured to use biogas for production as planned, boosting their sustainability.

Discussions are also ongoing with Hungarian officials about potential cooperation, given the eastern European Union member’s already heavy presence in battery making, he said.

The batteries are currently meant for use in transportation and heavy industry, Herlitz said, adding there’s great investor interest for the technology in the Middle East, not just the US and Europe.

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