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Full Speed Ahead: Arc Boats And The Next-Gen Electric Vessels

Los Angeles-based boating company Arc Boats has a mission: build the next generation of electric boats. That meant developing everything from a high-tech user interface to building its own batteries. Doing it was no small task, but many venture capitalists believed in the startup.

Since being founded in 2021, Arc has come a long way. The company recently finished a Series B funding round, raising more than $70 million to continue its innovation in e-boat development. Venture capital firms like Eclipse, Andreessen Horowitz, Lowercarbon Capital, and Abstract Ventures have pumped money into the firm.

The money went toward creating and improving the Arc One, the flagship vessel. With a 500-hp engine and a top speed of 40 mph, it is ideal for relaxation cruises.

It creates no emissions, and you could own one for the low, low price of … $300,000. A team of former SpaceX rocket engineers worked tirelessly to perfect the boat’s performance. The firm credits them with fast-tracking the first commercially available Arc.

Arc is reporting they have already sold out of vessels. Demand is surging for the “Tesla of electric boats.” The company told Bloomberg a new boat model is coming in 2024, though details are scarce. 

The One does its best to meet the Tesla comparisons. The 220 kWh battery allows for around three to five hours of noiseless boating. The battery pack is twice the size of Tesla’s. Twelve people can climb aboard and make themselves comfortable. It offers over-the-air updates, similar to what many electric car companies offer. 

Photo Courtesy Arc Boats

All Arc batteries are built by the company itself. They say it allows them to build a better boat and enhances customization. The hull and battery are developed parallel to each other to meet measurements and add more power to the boat. It can help fulfill the fuel needs to spend more time on the water. 

Having more control over the design of the battery packs can make them last longer, says Arc. Arc One’s range is one of the big selling points in the company’s eyes. 

“Boaters should have enough power to enjoy their time on the water and relax knowing they’ll always make it back to the dock,” a company blog explains. “That’s why Arc One also has controls in place to eliminate range anxiety. If the boat’s battery capacity drops below a certain threshold, the boat will automatically limit its speed to extend range, ensuring there’s enough power to get you home.”

The One also has the latest GPS and meters that track everything from range to speed. The battery management software sends more than 20,000 data points a second to ensure optimal performance is being achieved. 

Photo Courtesy Arc Boats

Arc still has room to grow. Ryan Cook, chief technology officer, told Bloomberg Television they have already delivered on promises to customers. They are making fantastic strides in creating a luxury electric boat. 

Arc is up against competition from other boating firms like X Shore, Polestar’s Candela Speed Boat, and Nautique Boat Company. Selling out on their first round of orders is a solid start.

“You now can build the most sophisticated boat in Los Angeles,” Lior Susan, Eclipse managing partner, said on Bloomberg TV. “That would not be something you could do before. I think we are seeing companies like Tesla, SpaceX, Arc, and others building a new industrial regime in this country.” 

“We want owning an electric boat to be as easy as owning an iPhone — you use it all day without thinking about the battery, plug it in at night, and wake up the next morning with a full charge,” Arc said in another blog post. “With better precision and superior range comes more peace of mind on the water.”  


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