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Fisker Unveils Four New Cars At California Production Showcase

Fisker Motors unveiled three new cars at its inaugural Product Vision Day, hosted on Aug. 3. CEO Henrik Fisker led a showcase highlighting the technical components of a new truck, Roadster, an affordable electric vehicle (EV), and a new offroad version of its flagship Ocean model. The event was held in Huntington Beach, CA. 

Fisker’s rollout is ambitious. The new PEAR, Alaska, and Ronin will expand the lineup, and we will likely see them as early as 2025. All these cars have features — including price range and battery range — any car shopper would want in their first or next electric car. 

PEAR is an acronym for Personal Electric Automotive Revolution. It is the most affordable option, starting at around $29,990.

The smaller sedan has a new supercomputer installed that analyzes car performance. “InsideEVs” says the Blade supercomputer can collect data from the wheels. 

Additional features include a front storage compartment, a Houdini trunk, and slim LED lighting. Fisker is marketing the Pear as a city car for young people. The EV is scheduled to go on sale in mid-2025. “Electrek” believes that with EV tax credits, the starting price could go as low as $22,500.

Photo Courtesy Fisker

Next up is the Alaska pickup truck. It’s built on a stretched version of the Ocean platform. Fisker’s platform developer, Magna, supplied it. Fisker claims that Alaska will be the most sustainable and lightest electric pickup in the world. 

It will offer a decent range, with anywhere from 230 to 340 miles before the next charge. It will be four-door and comes with an extendable cargo bed in addition to a Houdini bed divider. The truck starts at $45,400 before tax breaks. It’s expected to arrive in 2025.

Photo Courtesy Fisker

The Ronin is Fisker’s take on a four-door convertible. The carmaker’s claims could make it one of the longest-range EVs on the road, with around 600 miles of range. The Ronin’s integrated battery pack is what distinguishes it from other EV convertibles. 

The door will be butterfly-style, and it will have a luxury interior. Fisker says under the hood is 1,000 horsepower that can reach 60 mph in two seconds flat. This will be Fisker’s priciest car, with a base price of $385,000; however, it could be more affordable than any potential electric Ferrari or Lamborghini. The Ronin is coming in late 2025.

Photo Courtesy Fisker

The Ocean got an offroad makeover, too. The company revealed the Force E version at the showcase. It’s like the normal Ocean, but add 33-inch tires, offroad dampers, and inverted parts of the car for a reliable offroad experience.

The Force E will be available sometime in Q1 in 2024.

Fisker already made waves when it offered the Ocean for less than $50,000. Offering an affordable luxury vehicle with a decent range can be a huge commodity in the electric car market. Adding three new models can attract more customers dissuaded by expensive mainstream brands. Whether it can compete with GM, Tesla, or other big players remains to be seen.

“By 2027, we intend to produce the world’s first climate-neutral vehicle, and as our customers reinvent their relationships with mobility, we want to be a leader in software-defined transportation,” CEO Henrik Fisker said in a statement. 


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