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Texas EV Startup Begins Crowd Investing; Unveils UTV Prices

Volcon also revealed that it has secured 53 acres in northwest Austin to serve as the site of its factory and proving grounds.

On Dec. 1, Volcon — the first all-electric, off-road powersports company — announced that it would open a public investment round that same day on the crowdsourcing investment platform WeFunder. News of the public crowdfunding round arrived just weeks after the company’s official launch toward the end of October, further fueling investors’ excitement. Only 14 days later the company reached its $2.5 million mark with more than 1,000 investors participating. 

According to Elektrek, this early phase of investing is typically inaccessible to the general public. Early rounds are usually restricted to larger, certified investors.

But Volcon decided to shake things up, as the company’s Chief Executive Officer Andrew Leisner recently noted.

“The fact that we just launched officially in late October of this year and now have more than 1,000 investors who participated in our WeFunder campaign, just showcases the confidence and excitement people have in Volcon and the electric powersports segment,” said Leisner. “Crowdfunding this early round of funding was a complete success. It gave enthusiasts the ability to own a part of a pre-IPO EV company and gave the brand and category a dedicated fanbase of people who see the opportunity surrounding this new era of electric powersports products.”

The Austin, Texas-based startup also revealed the pricing for its two side-by-side utility and sport UTV models: the Stag and the Beast at $14,995 and $24,995, respectively. 

The Stag is a more practical and less intense two-seater UTV while the Beast is a four-seater which, as its name suggests, is a more powerful sport UTV than its counterpart. 

 The Stag two-seater UTV, From Volcon site (Authorized for use by Volcon)

The Stag will reach speeds of up to 70 mph, a 150-mile range, and 225 horsepower. Alternatively, the Beast will boast a max speed of 80 mph, the same 150-mile range as the Stag, and an impressive 450 max horsepower. The Stag will get you from 0-60 mph in five seconds and the Beast will do the same in just 4.5 seconds. Volcon says that production on the UTVs will begin in late 2021 and continue into 2022.

The Beast four-seater UTV, From Volcon site (Authorized for use by Volcon)

During its October launch, the company shared the name and price of its first EV–an all-electric motorcycle called the Grunt which will start at $5,995. Volcon says that the Grunt can be recharged in just two hours, and will feature a hot-swappable battery, with a 100-mile range. Volcon will begin delivering the Grunt starting this spring. Customers can reserve the Grunt today for a $100 deposit.

Volcon’s upcoming all-electric motorcycle the Grunt, Photo: Volcon

In its latest statement, Volcon also confirmed that it has secured a 53-acre property in northwest Austin, for its “future factory headquarters which will include multiple production lines.” The announcement tops off yet another EV-related achievement in 2020 for the Lone Star State. In July, industry titan Tesla confirmed it would build its second American assembly plant east of the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport  where it will produce its highly anticipated Cybertruck in addition to other EVs.

According to Volcon, “the property currently features a trail network through a dense mix of cedar and oak trees that will soon become the company’s proving grounds. Along with a dry creek bed and running river, the property will serve as the perfect location to continually test and refine Volcon’s two- and four-wheeled vehicles, while rapidly incorporating production feedback.”

Visualization of Volcon’s future Austin, Texas plant and proving grounds, Photo: Volcon (press release)

The company also says that it plans to add a customer experience center, an off-road demo track, and an RV, zipline, and camping site for Volcon clients to experience “the Volcon lifestyle” for themselves. 
“Having grown up riding with my father and continuing that tradition on motorcycles and UTVs with my daughters, I am excited to help lead the evolution of the powersports industry with electric vehicles that enhance the outdoor experience while reducing our environmental footprint for future generations,” said Leisner.


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