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Toyota Unveils Electric Sports Car At Japan Mobility Show

The Japan Mobility Show, which ran from Oct. 25 to Nov. 5 in Tokyo, had several top automaker exhibits showing off the next generation of electric vehicles (EVs). Everything from muscle cars to pickup trucks were on display. Toyota has many upcoming EVs, which will arrive globally in the coming years, and its FT-Se sports car caught the attention of multiple car enthusiasts at the show.

The car was designed by Gazoo Racing (GR) Design Group, Toyota’s motorsport division. It has teams competing in contests like the FIA World Endurance Championship, which it won in 2023. The group also has teams in the World Rally Championship circuit. 

Gazoo designs several of Toyota’s civilian sports cars, like the Supra and GR86, two of their more famous racing-inspired models. The FT-Se is a continuation of these cars’ legacies with electric power. 

CarScoops described the FT’s interior as “dramatic.” The steering wheel is the yoke style found in most racing vehicles. It has dual portrait displays containing all vehicle information like speed, charge rate, and battery range. The infotainment system is also housed in these monitors. The seats are carbon fiber, and the blue Alcantara finish gives the cabin a unique look. 

The exterior is equally impressive. The slanted architecture gives it an aerodynamic shape, and the design team said the car uses the “cutting-edge silhouette” in GR models.

The LED lights are slim, and small side-view windows decrease drag. A ducktail spoiler, a common feature of Supra models, is included in the FT’s design. 

At the time of writing, there’s no information about the charge rate or range estimations. Toyota has yet to release any technical details. 

Video Courtesy Carscoops

It will likely be fast, very fast. Top Gear reported that Fumiki Hazama, the FT-se’s chief engineer, wants to test its speed at the Nürburgring in Germany. Setting a lap time will provide crucial information for engineers before putting this car on sale. Hazama estimated the FT-Se can reach 60 mph in roughly three seconds. The top speed is about 155 mph. 

The lap at the Nürburgring will test the battery performance, too. Keeping the battery’s temperature low is paramount, prompting Gazoo to put a massive grille on the front. More air intake will cool down the battery. 

The powertrain is run by two electric motors, one in the front and one in the back. Hazama told Top Gear that the car has a rear bias because some Toyota customers love to drift. 

The only other details shared publicly are what might be included in the FT-Se build. Patrick George at InsideEVs spoke to several people at Toyota. They confirmed that it will have a manual transmission, gearbox, and clutch. Akio Toyoda, Toyota chairman, and former CEO,  alluded to these features on a roundtable call with reporters at Road and Track earlier in the year.

Photo Courtesy Japan Mobility Show

Toyota plans to start production of the FT-Se after 2026. Hideaki Iida, the GR Design Group project manager and the concept’s designer, said that the car will follow the release of the Lexus LF-ZC, which is planned for launch in 2026. These two cars will use the same battery packs. 

“We’re going to release the Lexus model in 2026 and this one afterward,” Iida said to InsideEVs. “We can’t guarantee the year itself, but as soon as possible. After 2026 is what I can tell you.”

Toyota joins several name-brand manufacturers in developing lightweight electric sports vehicles. Porsche is planning an all-electric Cayman model, Alpine is working on the A290_ß after it ended its business deal with Lotus, and Lotus is expected to create its Type 135 model for a 2026 launch


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