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Lucid Air Grand Touring: The First Real Tesla Challenger?

In America, Tesla is a dominant force when it comes to stylish electric vehicles (EVs). It has rarely felt the pressure of other auto giants, primarily because of its performance. However, the landscape could soon change with EV startup Lucid announcing its Air Touring and Grand Touring models. Recently, Car and Driver tested the Air, and its findings might surprise and change the view of Tesla’s vice-grip on the EV market.

In the test, the Air was driven on an interstate at the average speed of 75 miles per hour (mph), going as far as the car’s range would take it. Little did the testers know they would reach a range up to 410 miles, shattering the previous record set by the Tesla Model S at 320 miles of range.

The Air offers 90 more miles of range before the next charge. On top of that, the Air’s aerodynamic design allows for longer cruising distances without having to use substantial energy to fight against drag

Speed is always an essential factor when it comes to finding a sporty car. We may not think EVs can hit top speeds quickly, but Tesla diminished that notion with the Model S. Lucid Air GT is very close to matching Tesla’s 0-to-60 record of 2.7 seconds, reaching 60 mph in 3 seconds. So while the Air isn’t as fast as a Tesla, the comparison is only off by a few milliseconds. 

Photo Courtesy Lucid Motors

The charging rate has to be factored in when purchasing any EV. Drivers don’t want to wait long for a full battery — Lucid trumps Tesla in this area. The testers confirmed the Air Touring and Grand Touring models had the best charging rate of any EV they have driven. With 135 kilowatts of direct-current charging, the Air can go from 10% to 90% charged in 46 minutes. It also holds a charge longer than Tesla, with 297 kilowatts at peak charge. In comparison, Tesla’s peak charge is 250 kilowatts

Lucid owners can also get up to three years of complimentary charging. Upon purchasing an Air model, owners will get the option to sign up for this plan. For home charging, Lucid will provide bidirectional chargers, meaning your home could run on the car’s battery if power is lost.

Photo Courtesy Lucid Motors

Another feature of the Air GT and Touring models is a comprehensive infotainment system with Bluetooth media and phone integration, GPS and music streaming apps. Cup holders come equipped with wireless phone charging ports. Car and Driver suggested the infotainment system had a few software tweaks to work out, but it’s relatively easy to pair your phone and listen to music on the open road. gave the Air GT model a 9.8/10 rating and said the EV had “a very bright future.” 

Photo Courtesy Lucid Motors

As for the price, the Air GT and Touring models are pricey at around $155,600 and $140,500, respectively, but cost less than a Tesla Model S, Mercedes EQS and AMG-EQS, and Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo. 

The Lucid Air has all the bells and whistles of a Tesla, with about the same speed and horsepower, but with a longer range, lower cost and better charging rate. It might be the first EV sedan that truly challenges Tesla at the top. It’s already been given major honors like  MotorTrends’s Car of the Year for 2022. The Air GT may be coming for Tesla’s crown. 


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