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Just Peachy: Electric Vehicles Investment Is Booming In Georgia

Georgia is making huge investments in its electric vehicle (EV) future. According to the U.S. Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Investments and Jobs report, Georgia is one of 10 states accounting for 86% of announced EV manufacturing investments. 

According to the Georgia Department of Economic Development, the Peach State is now sixth in the nation for public EV chargers. Ongoing new projects from Hyundai Motor Group, Rivian, Inc., and SK Investments will increase clean energy jobs and inject a wave of economic benefits into the state’s economy.

“Georgia has attracted approximately $22.7 billion in investment and 29,000 new jobs related to e-mobility over the last three years,” Kristi Brigman, deputy commissioner of global commerce, Georgia Department of Economic Development, said in a statement to The Business Download: Clean Energy. “The state’s e-mobility ecosystem includes industry leaders like SK Battery America, Rivian, and Hyundai Motor Group as well as more than 40 other suppliers, recyclers, and manufacturers.”

Photo Courtesy Georgia Department of Economic Development

Hyundai will open its first full EV and battery manufacturing facility in Georgia in 2025. The Bryan County site is expected to produce 300,000 vehicles yearly and is focused on sustainability for the company and the community. 

In Commerce, north of Atlanta, SK Battery is investing $940 million to expand its plant’s capabilities.

The addition will create another 600 new jobs on top of the more than 2,000 new jobs expected due to the company’s statewide $1.67 billion new facility investment.

Rivian will invest $5 billion in a sprawling site across Walton and Morgan counties east of Atlanta for its new electric adventure vehicles. The carbon-conscious campus will produce nearly half a million cars a year. The Rivian plant will likely add more than 7,500 new jobs to the local economy.

Photo Courtesy Hyundai

“Generational projects like Rivian create the jobs of the future,” Brigman said. “When combined with workforce training programs like Quick Start, they create opportunities for Georgians to upskill and compete for higher-paying opportunities.”

“Manufacturing has evolved, becoming high-tech, clean-room operations that require technical skills,” Brigman continued. “Ultimately, these projects are transformational for the local economy by diversifying the industry mix and providing a new tax base that contributes to local schools, infrastructure, and other community improvements.”

Georgia’s Department of Education is working with all of the company’s leadership to add Electric Vehicle Career Pathway courses to prepare students for clean energy careers.

Photo Courtesy Georgia Department of Economic Development

“Georgia’s success is rooted in its business-friendly environment, robust logistics infrastructure, and focus on building long-term relationships between partners,” Brigman added. “Decades of state leadership have invested in assets like the ports, which continue to expand.”

“The state also works with local developers, partners in the university and technical college systems, and the business community to develop solutions to the most pressing challenges companies face today,” she said. “That includes speed-to-market solutions like our development-ready site certification program, Georgia Ready for Accelerated Development, and customized workforce training through Georgia Quick Start.”

State residents have shown an early passion for electric cars and trucks. According to the Georgia Department of Economic Development, more than 4,000 EVs were sold in Georgia in 2021, representing a nearly 30% annual growth.

As of September 2022, more than 42,500 EVs are registered statewide. Those numbers are expected to expand exponentially. As the state continues to build EV infrastructure and new clean energy job opportunities multiply, residents should expect a cleaner, more innovative, and economically sound future.

Photo Courtesy Georgia Department of Economic Development 

“I believe this is a unique moment of opportunity for our state and for the thousands upon thousands of hardworking Georgians who will benefit from great jobs and incredible innovative companies for generations to come,”  Gov. Brian Kemp said during his inaugural address for his second term.


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