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ABB’s South Carolina Charger Plant Helps Power U.S. EV Adoption

ABB E-Mobility investments in a new American factory are starting to bear fruit. The company’s South Carolina factory began production on electric vehicle (EV) chargers in January. ABB’s products will increase the number of public stations and direct-current fast chargers and expand access for buses and other fleet vehicles. 

The Swiss technology company has been a major player in the production of global EV supplies. With a market as large as America’s, ABB is contributing to building the country’s electric charging infrastructure. The firm has already invested $14 billion to fund American plant expansion and created numerous employment opportunities

South Carolina’s capital, Columbia, is the site of ABB’s new factory. With ABB’s North American headquarters in Cary, NC, it makes sense to have a factory nearby. According to the company, the chargers produced will meet national standards outlined in the Buy America Act and the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure formula. In light of the Inflation Reduction Act and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, these chargers will also qualify for clean vehicle tax credits. 

Photo Courtesy Oxana Melis

“This manufacturing milestone demonstrates ABB’s leadership in the energy transition to electrification and its ability to build the e-mobility economy in the United States,” said Bob Stojanovic, vice president of ABB E-mobility in North America. “The need to expand U.S. charging infrastructure is immediate, and we have prioritized our business to support our customers and the industry as a whole in order to meet increased demand.”  

The firm is part of a group of producers and auto groups expanding the national EV charging network.

At the moment, ABB already manufactures chargers for public transit buses. They range from 150kW to 450kW, ideal for quick, reliable charging when more EVs are on the road. A domestic factory eliminates foreign reliance on imports of this technology and eases supply chain issues. 

The Columbia economy got a significant boost with this new factory. ABB estimated they added more than 100 new jobs within the city. The factory is located in the CAE Industrial Park, just a mile from Columbia Metropolitan Airport.

Investment in EV charging infrastructure across the country continues to grow. In 2022, more than $13 billion was invested in EV manufacturing by companies. Around $700 million is going into charging developments, and electric car sales have tripled, too.

Photo Courtesy Jenny Ueberberg 

As the U.S. prepares for an EV boom, more charging accessibility is paramount. The country is preparing for half of all new American vehicle sales to be electric by 2030. With more EVs on the road, a centralized network is necessary to meet demands. The vehicles all have different ranges, so it’s paramount to have a charging network on the scale of gas stations. ABB’s new factory will make that a more achievable reality. 

ABB will join firms like Toyota, Honda, Ford, GM, and Panasonic in a new American manufacturing expansion. States like Missouri, North Carolina, Michigan, Ohio, and Missouri will be home to new EV production facilities, creating more jobs.   

“Our facility in South Carolina is another example of how we are driving the American e-mobility economy forward with high-quality and reliable EV charging solutions that meet the needs of every part of a sustainable transportation ecosystem,” Stojanovic said


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