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Micro Nuclear Plants Gain Traction With Alaska Military Base Win

(Bloomberg) —

Oklo Inc. plans to install an advanced nuclear reactor at a military base in Alaska.

The Defense Logistics Agency has issued a notice of intent to award a contract for Oklo to provide heat and electricity to Eielson Air Force Base near Fairbanks, according to a statement Thursday. It didn’t provide a schedule for the installation, and Oklo’s design still needs approval from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

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The military is backing other nuclear projects, and sees small reactors as a way to provide power in remote areas. There are no small reactors currently in service at US military bases. 

Oklo is one of dozens of companies developing systems that could be produced in factories and assembled on-site, a strategy aimed at reducing costs and construction time. The Santa Clara, California-based company is developing a 15-megawatt microreactor. It announced earlier this week an agreement to source the new type of uranium fuel it will need from Centrus Energy Corp.

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