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Hover Energy Microgrids Aim To Offer Maximum Energy Savings

Dallas, TX-based company Hover Energy is launching commercial-scale wind and solar-powered microgrids. The Hover system combines renewables and storage to deliver reliable, high-volume energy to customers. 

The rooftop-mounted microgrids even withstood hurricane-force winds during testing. The company hopes to help clients significantly reduce their energy costs while shrinking their carbon footprint.

Photo Courtesy Hover Energy 

The microgrid system works by installing wind-supported grids on the edge of a building’s roof, essentially using the building as a sail. Next, a solar panel is installed at the center of the roof, complementing the turbines and gathering and generating power during the day. 

All the renewable energy captured is then directed to Hover’s Integrated Energy Management System, which cleans and converts it into three-phase AC power and then goes directly into the building’s power system. The full system works 24 hours around the clock, meaning any excess is collected can be stored in batteries and used as needed. 

Photo Courtesy Hover Energy 

The company’s testing shows that this process can offset 100% of a building’s power consumption.

The microgrids are affordable and easy to install, designed for households and businesses to use and scale readily.

Hover first tested its microgrid on the Jabil New Roosevelt Building in St. Petersburg, FL. There, it proved extraordinarily sustainable and resistant to even the most violent weather — in this case, the over-100-mph winds of Hurricane Ian.

“There is constant experimentation in the renewable energy sector, but only a small percentage of these ideas make it through testing and are made available to the market at scale,” said Chris Griffin, Hover CEO. “We know of no other wind technology that has survived hurricanes … and is still functioning properly. Fully confident in our technology, we are thrilled to kick off scale manufacturing, which will take place in Memphis, TN.”

Photo Courtesy Hover Energy 

To help the transition to the commercial market, Hover teamed up with Shine Development Partners, a energy solutions expert known for financing, installing, and operating renewable solar projects. Together, the two companies believe that net-zero emissions are just the beginning of a sustainable future. By combining solar and wind in affordable microgrids, Hover is making clean energy more reliable and sustainable.

“Hover brings a truly unique solution to the global energy marketplace,” said Rajiv Pandya, Shine’s CEO and Hover’s new COO. “Shine’s extensive experience with the integration and structuring of renewable energy projects is a natural fit for Hover as the company migrates … to commercialization at scale.”


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