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Firefly Solar Keeps Homes In The Carolinas And Georgia Lit

Greenville, SC-based company Firefly Solar continues to grow with the recent announcement of a new location in Macon, GA. The business, which launched in 2016, provides solar panel installation, battery backup solutions, and smart home energy management solutions for residential and commercial customers in the Carolinas and Georgia. With its “stay lit” motto, Firefly hopes to help people save money on their electric bills while helping homes and businesses become more environmentally sustainable.

The Macon, GA, location is the company’s second in the Peach State — it also operates a storefront in Atlanta. The Macon branch will focus on installing solar panels on roofs and smart home systems for its customers. Firefly Solar also offers battery backup systems, which provide additional protection in power outages, giving customers a sense of security through the highs and lows of the Southeast’s changing climate.

Photo Courtesy Firefly Solar & Roofing

“Our mission has always been to offer our customers sustainable energy solutions that are affordable, efficient, and reliable, with the best solar warranty in the industry,” Aaron Davis, Firefly Solar CEO, said in a press release. “We are thrilled to expand our business and launch this branch in Macon. We can now serve more customers and make a bigger impact in the solar energy industry.”

Solar panel systems like those installed by Firefly Solar are a great way to lessen an individual’s or family’s carbon usage. Like hydrogen and wind, solar is a clean, renewable energy — a fully sustainable one, a far cry from heavy-polluting traditional fossil fuels. 

Solar arrays convert sunlight into direct energy using photovoltaic cells on a home’s rooftop or other parts of a home exposed regularly to direct sunlight. That power is then used to power the home — running appliances, lights, and other electric items. 

Firefly is a vertically integrated solar company, which means it not only installs panels but is also responsible for the initial home assessment, roofing needs, solar battery storage, and home integration.

All of its work has a 30-year warranty to keep the sun heating — and cooling — a home. 

The firm’s smart home systems allow customers to track their energy usage, make adjustments when needed, and understand how self-sufficient the system is over time. Firefly is also a certified installer of the Tesla Powerwall and Tesla Solar Roof.

Photo Courtesy Firefly Solar 

Firefly Solar wants to make the transition to money- and planet-saving solar more accessible for everyone. The company says it offers competitive financing options to help customers transition to solar and reduce energy costs. As the United States moves closer to its net-zero emissions by 2050 goal, transitioning homes to this clean energy solution is an integral part of the country’s strategy.

Photo Courtesy Firefly Solar 

“I am honored to be part of the Firefly Solar family and excited to lead our efforts in Macon,” Tim Melton, Macon branch manager, said in a statement. “I look forward to working with our customers to help them achieve energy independence and reduce their carbon footprint.”


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