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What Goes Around: New Turbines Offer Constant Power Output

Wingardium Energy’s newest wind turbines are the latest innovation in the production of clean, stable, and constant energy. They are designed and manufactured in the U.S. by Kohilo Wind and can produce electricity and hydrogen. Because of this, these new Cyclone Vertical Axis Turbines create power constantly regardless of wind speed and can even charge electric vehicles (EVs).

“We generate more efficient energy, there are no peaks, no flows, you get a flat output,” said Ludo Loyens, Wingardium Energy founder, in Forbes.

Photo Courtesy Wingardium Energy 

The new technology is unique because it conditions the wind using a diffuser system not present in traditional wind turbines. That system is the key to harnessing energy more efficiently while increasing the power output. The Cyclone Vertical Axis Turbine also has its own hydraulic storage, which is critical to producing a constant energy supply. 

Previous turbines had a significant shortfall — they couldn’t operate constantly. This product is the first to truly address this issue, opening up numerous new applications. 

Importantly, this constant energy flow means the turbine can be used to charge both electric and hydrogen vehicles. With charging stations in short supply compared to demand, the new technology could help power more EVs in more places.

Sustainable vehicle charging is just one of many potential uses for the Cyclone Vertical Axis product. They can also create a local energy hub, from which the electricity can power surrounding businesses, warehouses, and homes. Each turbine lasts as long as 45 years and is made of all recyclable parts.

The turbine’s unique diffuser system started when a businessman in upstate New York decided to ignore current technology and take a closer look at the wind and its behavior.

Video Courtesy Wingardium Energy

“It actually started more as studying the wind itself rather than studying the current technology that currently harnesses the wind,” Derek Grassman, Kohilo Wind founder, told NewsChannel 9. Grassman realized that previous technology was only capturing 10% of the wind. The new turbine was his brainstorm to gather the other 90% of energy.

Cyclone Vertical Axis Turbines are a part of Wingardium Energy’s goal to generate clean, constant, and stable power that can operate on any smart grid globally. They are currently used in the U.S., Brazil, Israel, the Philippines, and the Netherlands, with plans to expand quickly into new markets. 

The company hopes that the ease of installation, constant supply of power, and longevity means these turbines can help stabilize a sustainable grid anywhere in the world.

Photo Courtesy Wingardium Energy 

The possibilities are endless, even when the wind is still. “The turbine contains rotating parts that catch the wind,” Loyens said. “It doesn’t have to blow that hard.” 

“For example, the turbine can be used to power a restaurant or a business space, and there is also room for charging stations for cars,” Loyens said. “Hydrogen can also be produced from rainwater in the turbine. And that can then be used for ships and trucks.”


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