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Sunpro Solar’s Iowa Expansion Is Brightening Up the Hawkeye State

It’s now even easier to go solar in Iowa. Sunpro Solar, one of the United States’ leading residential solar companies, recently expanded into the state. The company will offer clean energy, new jobs, and the opportunity for Iowa residents to purchase affordable solar energy systems and home battery storage directly. Sunpro Solar will also help their Iowa customers navigate federal and state utility incentives and tax credits. Iowa offers numerous incentives designed to encourage residents to harness the abundant Midwest sun power.

Previously, Iowa was ranked the 29th-most expensive state for electric prices. Sunpro Solar’s entrance into the Iowa solar market gives residents an easy way to break free from the constantly rising costs of the electric grid. Iowa is Sunpro Solar’s 18th state for expansion – and its fifth in the Midwest. The company will start in the capital of Des Moines, before reaching outward towards Cedar Rapids and Iowa City.  

“In Iowa, people are paying so much money to utilities for electricity,” said Gregg Murphy, Sunpro Solar’s Chief Revenue Officer. “We have the opportunity to serve people across Iowa with a more affordable option that gives them peace-of-mind from rising costs.”

The state of Iowa is on board, increasing sustainability legislation with robust incentives such as solar easement laws, renewable energy property tax exemptions, sales tax exemptions, net metering programs, and access to the Federal Solar Tax Credit. Even though adding solar adds value to a home or property, the Renewable Energy Property Tax Exemption exempts a new solar energy system from property tax assessments for the first five years after installation.

Additionally, Iowa residents will receive 13 percent of the cost of a solar system back on their state income tax. Further, any solar power investment for home use is backed by state laws that ensure solar panels can capture energy without inference. Overall, residents can expect to tally up as much as 45 percent in tax credits plus a full return on cost investment in energy bills in around five years.

Sunpro Solar’s entrance to Iowa continues to underscore the state’s reputation as a burgeoning solar-power paradise in terms of the state’s tax credits – not to mention the region’s annual 200-plus days of abundant sunshine. The company hopes to make the switch over to solar easy for all customers. They are planning to hire numerous sales consultants, installation teams, and administrative support positions, adding many new jobs to the state’s economy.

“Solar in the Midwest is exciting,” added Sunpro Solar’s CEO and Founder Marc Jones,   “because it gives customers the assuredness that they now have a choice to partner with companies like us that will help make a difference in their communities. We [plan to] continue to expand the ways homeowners can power their homes and save money on energy bills.”


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