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June 27th- July 3rd 2021 Weekly EV News Roundup

Welcome to The Business Download: Clean Energy’s #EVNews Wrap-up with our host, Antonio. This week, #Mazda announced a new plan dubbed the “Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030” which serves as a blueprint on how the Japanese company will progress with EV’s and digital connectivity. Mazda already has one electric vehicle, the #MX30, set to go on sale this fall. Within the plan, they confirmed that the new #MX5Miata will be electrified as well, adding another model to their fleet. In battery news, German manufacturer Customcells is announcing a joint venture with iconic carmaker #Porsche — creating Cellforce Group. Together, these two companies will produce high-performance battery cells for electric sports cars. Finally, luxury automaker #Ferrari is unveiling its third hybrid electric vehicle – but its first plug-in version – named the #269GTB. Its #V6 with battery assist churns out a whopping 830 horsepower, and will come storming onto the market in early 2022. Check out this week’s video for more updates on EVs in the U.S. #InfrastructurePlan and curbside chargers coming to the Big Apple. Subscribe for the week’s biggest headlines in the #EVindustry every Friday.

  • Chapters
  • 0:27 What’s the Plan, Stan? / Evs and the Infrastructure Plan
  • 1:10 Sharing Is Caring / Tesla and Charging Stations
  • 2:15 Hakuna Matata, Mazda MX-5 Miata
  • 3:00 E = mc squared / Porsche and Customcells
  • 3:31 Prancing Horses/ Ferrari


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