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July 25th-July 31st 2021 Weekly EV News Roundup

Welcome to The Business Download: Clean Energy’s #EVNews Wrap-up with our host, Antonio.

Imagine charging your EV while driving down the highway! This could one day be a reality, and INDOT is paving the way for this magnetic technology. EVs are the future, and #NicoRosberg is behind the wheel. The Formula 1 World Champion is shifting gears towards sustainability, proving that the highest performing cars don’t have to guzzle gas. Eco-friendly Tennesseans can soon go off the grid with their EV plugged in. All in for an electric adventure, #Rivian has plans to install 10k chargers across the country by 2023, including all 56 TN state parks. Speaking of #Rivian — the #amazon-backed start-up is making more bold moves, with plans to build a second U.S. factory before its first EV ever hits the road. And finally — It’s hardly an EV wrap-up without more news from #Tesla. The OG EV company boasted over $1 billion in net income for the first time ever in Q2, up 10x from just a year ago.


0:23 Charge-N-Cruise
1:26 Formula E(lectric)
2:11 (RE-)Charge In Nature
3:02 Rivian’s Trifecta
3:49 Tesla’s Nickel Journey


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