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July 18th-July 24th 2021 Weekly EV News Roundup

Welcome to The Business Download: Clean Energy’s #EVNews Wrap-up with our host, Antonio.

The first major U.S. auto show since 2020 was held this week in the Windy City. The @ChiAutoShow still had limited capacity, but those with tickets were able to test drive some of the hottest EVs on the market — The #FordMustang Mach-E and #VWID4. #ElectrifyAm is doubling electric charging stations across America, adding 1,800 fast-charging stations and 10,000 individual chargers across the nation by 2025. Believe it or not, wolves are great swimmers! America’s first electric tug boat, Crowley Maritime Corporation’s E Wolf, will be pulling into port in San Diego by mid-2023. First it was the Hummer, then the #ChevyTrucks Silverado. #GM just announced that a #GMC pickup is on its way as the third of 30 EVs to be released globally by 2025. Silicon is in everything from iPhones to EVs, but a newer, cleaner material could be changing that. Gallium nitride is lighter, faster, cheaper, and stronger and could be the key to longer-lasting EVs.


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