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July 11th-July 17th 2021 Weekly EV News Roundup

Welcome to The Business Download: Clean Energy’s #EVNews Wrap-up with our host, Antonio. 

This week, your next regional flight could be fast AND efficient. #United airlines is joining in the electric slide, investing in Swedish start-up #heartaerospace with an agreement to purchase up to 200 of the electric puddle jumpers. 

#SiemensMobility is exploring the next frontier of freight train transportation, testing out a cleaner option in liquid organic hydrogen carrier technology (LOHC). 

After #Ford announced it’s F-150 Lightning to electric reviews, we knew #RamTrucks wouldn’t be far behind. A 500-mile range electric version of one of the best selling trucks in America, the Ram 1500, will be ready to hit the road in 2024. 

Finally, as we stayed close to home last year, many Americans opted for a new way to get around town — EV #GolfCarts! Sales for these micro-mobile personal vehicles grew significantly, with over half of customers having no intentions of taking them down to the green. 

P.S Did you know that there are only 25 #blimps in the entire world? There could soon be more, as interest in clean travel from luxury to military soars sky-high. 

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