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Indiana Crossroads Solar Project Comes Online

Announced in July, the Indiana Crossroads Solar project is now online and serving clean energy to 32 counties. The White County development represents a million-dollar capital investment that, in turn, will disperse millions in property taxes to local governments and school districts over the project’s life. It is expected to bring in nearly $3 million in economic development funds for the area. 

EDP Renewables North America and the Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO) developed and constructed the project, one of many new solar efforts coming online. NIPSCO serves 850,000 natural gas and nearly a half million electric users in the Hoosier State. The project is a part of NIPSCO’s coal-free by 2028 goal.

Photo Courtesy EDP Renewables North America 

“The addition of our first solar parks to our electric generating portfolio represent meaningful investments in the state of Indiana and a direct benefit to our customers,” Mike Hooper, NIPSCO president and COO, said in a statement. “These completed projects are a crucial step in advancing our long-term energy transition plan, providing sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective energy now and into the future.”

The 200-megawatt Indiana Crossroads Solar project was built in tandem with the area’s giant corn and soybean fields, essentially offering local farmers a stable, year-round, weather-resistant cash crop via landowner lease payments.

Video Courtesy EDP Renewables

“We are pleased to have completed the Indiana Crossroads Solar Park, which is one of five renewable energy projects EDP Renewables and NIPSCO have collaborated on in Indiana,”  Sandhya Ganapathy, CEO of EDP Renewables North America, said in a statement. “Indiana Crossroads Solar is a shining example of how clean energy projects bring investment and economic benefits to Hoosier communities and the state of Indiana while contributing to the energy transition.”

NIPSCO is in the process of retiring all of its coal plants, intending to be coal-free by 2028. That move will help the company meet a 90% emissions reduction rate by the end of the decade. 

Indiana Crossroads Solar is just one of nine new projects coming online, including

Dunns Bridge I Solar, an existing station expected to produce 265 megawatts of power. Dunns Bridge II is under construction and will produce 435 megawatts of energy and 75 megawatts of battery storage. Wind farms are also going online at Rosewater Wind Farm

in White County, Jordan Creek Wind in Benton and Warren counties, and Fairbanks

Solar in Sullivan County.

Photo Courtesy NIPSCO / NextEra Energy Resources

The company’s wind projects are also a boon for customers, who receive 100% of excess power sales and credits toward the cost of their electric bills. So far, nearly $60 million in credits has been returned to NIPSCO consumers. The success of the solar transition has attracted a recent $2 billion-plus investment from Blackstone Infrastructure Partners, who want to support the state’s trailblazing transition to low-cost renewable energy and full decarbonization.

“This partnership with Blackstone is a reflection of NIPSCO’s potential as an industry leader as we continue to meet the increasing and evolving needs of our gas and electric customers across Northern Indiana,” Hooper said. “Once completed, this transaction will also strengthens our ability to invest in major renewable generation projects and make capital enhancements to existing electric and gas infrastructure to add resiliency to our system.” 

Photo Courtesy EDP Renewables North America 

“We will be better positioned than ever to provide safe, reliable, and diverse sources of energy to our customers and support the future growth and development of the communities we are privileged to serve,” he continued.


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