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Colorado Gov. Jared Polis Embraces Clean Energy Future

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis is committed to making the Centennial State more sustainable by signing numerous bills into law that commit to the state’s clean energy goals. 

Colorado lawmakers have agreed to a 100% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050, a goal that could not only make the state a healthier place to live but possibly lower energy costs for businesses and consumers alike. Overall, the collection of approved legislation can be seen as an innovative toolkit to help the state reach net-zero emissions.

“It’s sort of one enormous package that, taken together, will help to clean the air, achieve our climate targets, and save Coloradans money,” Will Toor, executive director of the Colorado Energy Office, told “The Denver Post.”

Photo Courtesy Governor Jared Polis

Each Polis-approved bill boosts clean energy efforts across numerous industries. Most importantly, it’s the first time the state has passed a bill that commits it to net-zero GHG emissions in the future. Other related bills address concerns such as the state’s long-term energy future and the recent rising in utility rates. 

Because many Colorado residents saw an uptick in their utility bill costs in 2022, Gov. Polis and the Colorado legislature also created the Joint Select Committee on Rising Utility Rates

“This bill will help make Colorado’s energy system more affordable long-term and should be seen as a model for states across the country on how to manage high gas prices and a transition to cost-saving alternatives to gas, like high-efficiency heat pumps, rooftop solar, and battery storage,” Emilie Olson, Colorado state lead at Advanced Energy United, said in a statement.

Photo Courtesy Advanced Energy United

Other important clean bills signed by Gov. Polis include Bill 23-1252, which strives to encourage geothermal energy usage with a new state grant program.

It also says all natural-gas utilities must develop plans “demonstrating how the utility will use clean heat resources to meet clean heat targets for reducing carbon dioxide and methane emissions.” 

Bill SB-291 calls for stricter utility supervision and assesses the future of homes and businesses transitioning to all-electric heating and cooking appliances

“Coloradans are demanding action,” State Sen. Chris Hansen said in a statement. “With these new laws, we are tackling this challenge head on by reducing emissions through innovative technology and setting reasonable and achievable goals.”

Photo Courtesy Governor Jared Polis

Additionally, Bill SB-16 contains measures to enforce the process for installing electric transmission lines, clarify tax credits, establish requirements for insurance companies to assess climate risks, and set guidelines for the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission’s regulation of carbon capture projects.

“These exciting money savings changes for Coloradans mean reliable, lower energy costs and good-paying jobs, as we continue to fuel the innovation that makes Colorado a national leader in clean energy,” Gov. Polis said in a press release. “We are cutting red tape, creating good paying jobs, and improving air quality as we continue to make bold progress towards achieving 100% renewable energy by 2040.”


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