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Bowlus Volterra EV RV Offers The Comforts Of Home In Nature

You’ve probably heard the term “glamping” before. It’s slang for glamorous camping — not the traditional tent-and-sleeping bag type. It’s far more luxurious, equipped with full beds, showers and kitchens. Imagine the joys of glamping available in a silver camper van that can charge itself and electric vehicles (EVs) through solar technology. Meet the Bowlus Volterra EV RV

The Volterra is modeled off the classic Airstreams from the 1970s, but step inside this all-new RV, and you’d think you were 10 years in the future. It is highly sustainable, as it hitches to the back of most towing-capable vehicles and can power itself through a series of solar panels built into the roof. When stopped at a campsite, the RV charges itself to power multiple aspects of the interior features, like the galley, the kitchen stove and the shower.

Rather than having to spend time finding a charging station, the Volterra can charge even while driving using the AeroSolar technology

The RV takes around 46 hours to reach a full battery. Still, it allows adventurers to get to their destinations without worrying if they will have enough power. Better yet, the Volterra can be used as an emergency charger for the towing vehicle. It can give EVs an extra 60 miles of range; however, this is just the surface of its’ features. 

Photo Courtesy Bowlus

The inside of the Volterra is like a mobile apartment. Complete with hardwood floors and cabinetry, the kitchen comes with an induction cooktop, drawing power straight from the solar panels. There’s also an electric stove that doesn’t overheat the small space. Due to the minimalist design and tight corners, less air conditioning is needed to cool it down. Head back to the end of the galley and find a convertible king bed, a large bathroom, and plenty of seating

Perhaps the most innovative feature of this RV is its internet connection capabilities. Complete with Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite internet, travelers won’t have to worry about being without the ability to contact people or get directions.

Essentially, a person could live off the grid with the Volterra. Bowlus equipped the vehicle with a 50-gallon freshwater tank for drinking and a 31-gallon greywater tank for bathing and waste. It’s also pet-friendly so that the entire family can enjoy the fun.

Photo Courtesy Bowlus

The Volterra is quite expensive, starting at around $310,000. One plus is a buyer won’t have to pay for gas or even charge at a public charger. The Volterra offers an almost overly luxurious way to camp, allowing owners to spend a longer time in the woods or open roads in comfort and luxury.  


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