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AZ Speeds Toward A Cleaner Economy With EV Station Partnership

Arizona is getting 20 new ultra-fast electric vehicle chargers across the state thanks to a partnership between Arizona Public Service Company (APS) and Electrify Commercial. The new chargers are a part of APS’s Take Charge AZ investment pilot program which is focused on making sure Arizonians can drive electricity without worry, especially on the state’s long stretches of empty highway. These initial chargers, available by 2022, will be in locations where charging has been less accessible: Show Low, Payson, Globe, Prescott, and Sedona. This development will provide electric vehicles to non-residential customers for free. It’s another great example of a state maximizing on the new initiatives established by the federal administration, which strongly supports sustainable transportation programs.

Take Charge AZ will offer free charging equipment, as well as installation and maintenance to businesses, government agencies, nonprofits, and multi-family communities. Participants only pay for the electric costs and will be encouraged to charge up when solar energy is abundant and prices are lower. Customers can pay easily with a credit or debit card, or through the Electrify America mobile app.

Electrify Commercial, a subsidiary of Electrify America, is providing the turnkey charging equipment, networking, and customized services to support APS, including both its 150-kilowatt and 350-kilowatt state-of-the-art chargers. These charges can add up to 20 miles of range per minute. The company is the United States’ largest and fastest DC charging network and is working at an unprecedented pace in the industry. In fact, they commissioned one new station per business day in 2020, despite the pandemic – for a total of more than 535 stations across America. The initial Arizona program will last five years and will aggregate important data from customers regarding their charging habits and overall experience. Understanding the consumers preferences will help the company design new products and services to meet the long-term needs of electric vehicle owners.

“We are proud to help Arizona Public Service achieve their goal of expanding access to reliable, convenient ultra-fast charging in areas of the state not yet served,” said Rachel Moses, Director of Commercial Services at Electrify America. “We launched Electrify Commercial to address a clear demand across sectors for customized charging solutions, and we look forward to implementing a strategy tailored specifically to APS’ customer’s needs.”

Developments like Take Charge AZ utilize new incentives offered by the Department of Energy, which recently launched tax credits for sustainable research and development, transportation, and low-income installation. These credits are a part of the comprehensive federal stimulus bill passed in late December 2020, designed to provide billions of dollars to aid in the transition towards clean energy.

Overall, it’s a win-win for APS, Arizonians, and America’s drive to a more innovative and more sustainable economy.

“We are excited to increase access to charging stations in our local communities and help even more drivers go electric,” said Kerri Carnes, Manager of APS’s Customer to Grid Solutions. “By partnering with Electrify America and leveraging their expertise, we will be able to execute a customer-focused program that will not only support electric vehicle adoption but will also allow us to help reduce emissions in our state.”


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