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Aug 1-Aug 7 2021 Weekly EV News Roundup

Welcome to The Business Download: Clean Energy’s #EVNews Wrap-up with our host, Antonio.

EV enthusiasts — it’s only the first week in August, and there are already plenty of industry insights to catch up on! EV owners know — it’s not just a car, it’s a culture. #GM is creating a whole world of resources for their customers, including a seamless charging experience. Next up, big news! The U.S. is betting big on EVs, with hopes that 40% of all car sales will be electrified by the end of the decade. Many major automakers are in support, but might need help to make it happen. This takes clean eating to a whole new level. Environmentally-friendly farmers can now purchase the #Solectrac e70N, the latest EV tractor model to hit the market, for just shy of $75k. What if you could get groceries and gas at the same time? Now you can! #StopandShop is rolling out free Ev charging for drivers across the Northeast. Another week, another update from #Tesla. The EV company has unveiled a new innovation — sodium-ion batteries that are cheaper, and more sustainable and could be longer-lasting, too. It’s a triple win!

That’s all, folks! But before you go, raise a toast to our host, Antonio. Thank you, Tony, for everything you do! Cheers to you on your new adventure!🥂



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